IBA-Slag / Ash Recycling

Modern waste incineration plants (WtE) are an important part of waste management and energy production. However, since waste cannot be burned without leaving any residue, slag and ash are produced as by-products when generating energy. Recycling these slags and ashes plays a vital role in minimizing environmental impact and recovering valuable resources.

During IBA slag and ash processing, valuable materials such as metals (iron, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, ...), glass and other recyclable materials are sorted out from the combustion residues. This step is very important because it conserves resources and reduces the amount of landfill.

Regardless of whether it is untreated slag, residual fractions or concentrates - BLUELINE always offers you the perfect solution. The modular design with modern technologies makes it possible to process a wide variety of material flows regardless of location (e.g. at different landfills). If required sorting tasks change, your BLUELINE plant can be easily adapted or expanded.

Our wide product range covers almost all processing steps for optimal slag processing in the coarse and fine grain range. BLUELINE magnetic separators, sensor sorters, eddy current separators and density sorters can be used regardless of location - thanks to their mobility - and ensure highest quality processing, thanks to their innovative technologies!

Are you still not convinced? Rent BLUELINE and try it yourself!

Examples of WtE slag/ash processing (IBA):

  • Incineration bottom ash (IBA)
  • fluidized bed ash
  • Residual fractions
  • Incineration scrap
  • and much more.

Advantages with BLUELINE

Processing solutions for both, fine and coarse grain sizes
No loss of recyclables to landfill
Easily expandable and adaptable to changing material flows
Purities > 99% possible - Only one dry treatment process needed
Location-independent operation on several landfills possible - without fixed installations

Application examples for slags & ashes

Suitable BLUELINE modules for this application:


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