Plastic Recycling

The importance of plastic recycling is becoming increasingly significant. In order to conserve our limited raw material resources and at the same time meet legal requirements, the processing of plastics is crucial.

More than 391 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year. Despite this amount, the global recycling rate is only around 14%, according to data from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This means that the majority of plastics either end up in landfills or are thermally recycled (burned).

Enormous advances in sensor-based sorting, which have led to increases in efficiency and quality, are opening up new economic opportunities for the optimal processing of plastics. Regardless of whether these plastics come from industry, business or households - plastics have to be recycled and should return back into the cycle as re-plastics or re-granules.

In plastics recycling, it is no longer enough to just sort by colour (VIS); Rather, the plastics must also be classified according to type (NIR – near infrared) to ensure efficient processing. To be able to carry out this processing step in the best possible way, the impurities such as metals, wood, glass, stones, textiles, etc. should be separated in advance. Only then can polymers such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC and many more be sorted efficiently.

BLUELINE has specialized not only in the recycling of metals and other contaminants but also in the recycling of technical plastics from various material streams. BLUELINE sensor sorters ensure optimal sorting results in colour sorting, contaminant separation, and polymer type classification.

Are you still not convinced? Rent BLUELINE and try it yourself!

Examples of plastic processing:

  • Colour sorting of plastic
  • Metal sorting from plastics
  • Sorting of mixed plastics
  • Sorting of technical plastics
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation
  • and much more.

Advantages with BLUELINE

Sorting of plastics into different types and colors
Separation of foils, fluff and textiles
Everything from a single source and perfectly coordinated to each other
Separation of impurities such as metals, wood and many more

Application examples for plastic recycling


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