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Waste Wood Recycling

Wood, as a renewable raw material, is an important part of the wood processing industry. Nevertheless, waste wood is very popular because it is a lot cheaper than fresh wood. To conserve resources and comply with legal requirements, recycling wood of all qualities (A1-A4) is becoming increasingly important. Materially recycling should always be preferred to thermal utilization.

The global amount of waste wood is constantly increasing. In 2019 alone, approximately 1.2 million tons of waste wood were generated in Austria, highlighting the growing challenge in the disposal and recycling of this valuable material. Of this amount, around 65% is currently recycled from the resulting mass flow. This recycling rate is not the same in all countries. Besides the obvious economic benefits, recycling waste wood also has significant environmental impacts. Every ton of recycled waste wood helps reduce almost 99% of CO2 emissions compared to sending the wood to landfills or incinerating it. This is a remarkable contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and provides a reason to increase the wood recycling rate.

Due to its unknown origin, waste wood can contain a wide variety of contaminants, including metals, glass, stones, plastics and various other materials. To process waste wood, various processing techniques are necessary. The wide product range of BLUELINE offers the appropriate module for every processing step, such as screening, magnetic separation and eddy current separation.

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Waste wood classes:

A I: 

A II: 


A IV: 

Natural old wood

Treated waste wood (painted, lacquered, etc.)

Waste wood with organohalogen compounds in the coating

Waste wood treated with wood preservatives

Advantages with BLUELINE

Simple and mobile solution
High throughputs
Fine to coarse processing
System can be easy expanded if legal conditions change
Everything from a single source and perfectly coordinated to each other

Application examples for waste wood recycling

Suitable BLUELINE modules for this application:


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