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Recycling of Metal Shavings

Metal shavings, a byproduct of numerous mechanical machining processes, are not only a normal outcome of mechanical industrial productions but also a significant raw material for the recovery of valuable metals. However, achieving the highest purities in processing requires suitable preconditioning of the shavings.

This is where BLUELINE comes into play – an innovative solution for sorting (broken) and dry metal shavings. No matter what type of material it is e.g. iron (Fe), copper (Cu), brass (Ms), aluminum (Al), stainless steel (VA) or other metals, BLUELINE offers the answer to your recycling challenges.

With BLUELINE you can ensure that your recycled shavings meet the highest quality standards. Our processing machines enable the efficient and precise sorting of metal shavings, recovering valuable resources while simultaneously reducing the extraction of primary raw materials and the associated energy consumption. The different types of metal can be sorted using various magnetic separations and density sorting.

Our density sorter SORT FINES (air jig) in combination with our high-performance two stage magnetic separator MAGNET DRUM ensures incomparable results in the sorting of metal chips down to the finest grains (dust).

Are you still not convinced? Rent BLUELINE and try it yourself!

Examples of metal shavings recycling:

  • Mixed shavings / chips
  • Aluminium shavings
  • Copper shavings
  • Brass and bronze shavings
  • Zinc shavings
  • Iron shavings
  • Stainless steel shavings
  • and much more.

Advantages with BLUELINE

Highest purities
Processing of finest grain (dust) possible
Strong magnetic technology enables the separation of weakly magnetic particles
Everything from a single source and perfectly coordinated to each other

application examples for metal shavings recycling


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