Eddy Current Separators

With the BLUELINE eddy current separators you are ideally equipped for a wide range of grain sizes, from fine to coarse grains.

Thanks to different variants of the magnet system (eccentric, concentric, static), you can always achieve maximum added value from your product with high throughputs and low operating costs!

Eddy currents are induced in electrically conductive particles using a rapidly rotating magnet system or a static magnet system. These induced eddy currents create a magnetic field that counteracts the magnetic field of the magnet system and thus causes repulsion of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, etc.

The position of the splitting edge and the position of the magnet system can be easily adjusted using a tablet due to the automation. Manual adjustment is no longer necessary - this reduces set-up times and at the same time prevents human operating errors. In this way, the BLUELINE eddy current sorters can be optimally adjusted to different, changing material flows in a very short time.

The modules of the EDDY product group are characterized by the highest quality and reliability and enable first-class output rates for non-ferrous metals, even in the fine range.


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