Glass recycling

Glass is a versatile material that has an important role in our everyday lives. It is used for beverage bottles, food containers, windowpanes and much more. But did you know that glass is a 100% recyclable material?

Glass recycling has a long tradition and is becoming increasingly important due to the legal framework and the need to save natural resources and energy. The big advantage of glass recycling is that the melting process uses significantly less energy than producing glass from primary raw materials. In practice, the use of shards or fragments (broken or waste glass) is becoming increasingly important. The shards or fragments can be melted down and formed into new glass products as often as required.

In order to produce high-quality recycled glass products, it is essential to separate unwanted contaminants such as organics, metals and plastics. This can be done using eddy current separators, magnetic separators and density sorters. These sorting steps already produce a first glass concentrate. With subsequent sensor sorting, the upgrading to high-quality glass concentrates takes place. The BLUELINE sensor sorters also recognize materials such as glass ceramics, porcelan or leaded glass. Furthermore, metals can be sorted out and glass can be separated by color. With BLUELINE modules, the purity required on the market is always guaranteed. Entire glass recycling plants or also analysing lines for existing plants can be realized.

Examples of glass recycling:

  • Bottle glass
  • Fine glass fractions
  • Bed ash - glass
  • Slag glass
  • Normal waste glass
  • Window glass
  • Bottle caps with glass
  • and much more.

Advantages with BLUELINE

Highest purity
Robust and flexible
Specialists in fine grain processing
Detection of glass ceramics, lead glass, metals, colors and combinations of them
Can be used as mobile (pre-)processing

Application Examples for glass recycling


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