Sensor based sorter with induction bar (and optional color camera system)

Blower unit

Safe discharge of particles using a nozzle bar and automatic pressure control

Acceleration belt
  • High throughput thanks to belt speeds of up to 3 m/s and a belt width of 1 m
  • Belt scraper for cleaning of the belt surface
All conveying technology on board
  • External belt conveyors available in two different lengths
    that can be used universally within the BLUELINE system
  • High-efficiency drum motors – low-maintenance, durable and reliable!
  • Suction hoods to reduce dust emissions available as an option
Vibrating feeder with unbalanced drive

Optimal homogenisation of the feed material

Induction bar

Particle detection based on electrical conductivity

Automated splitting edge

Reproducible positioning of the splitter possible at the push of a button at any time

Variable material discharge
  • Optimised system layout thanks to free selection of discharge side
  • Integrated belt scraper prevents caking
Quick-coupling system

Tool-free installation of the external belt conveyors thanks to folding arms with snap locking

Compressed air conditioning
  • Compressed air chamber for covering air peaks
  • System is independent of the provided compressed air quality
Optional color camera system

Optical particle detection based on colour and shape (IDENTIFY+)

Total mass

9,600 kg


6,050 x 2,450 x 2,700 mm

Grain size

4 to 100 mm

Connected load

3N~400 V / 32 A / 50 Hz

*without conveying technology and attachments

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SENSOR IDENTIFY is a sensor sorter with induction bar, which is used to separate input materials based on their electrical conductivity. This sorter is also available with an optional colour camera system for additional colour and shape detection.

Depending on the task, this sorter combines the advantages of conductivity detection with visual detection using a colour camera to enable precise and versatile sorting. It sorts materials with different electrical conductivities, such as metals and non-metals, combined with different colours and shapes with high precision.

Detected particles are sorted out using compressed air to ensure precise separation.


  • Detection based on conductivity
  • Suitable for input material from 4 – 100 mm
  • Integrated compressed air treatment available
  • Robust & low-maintenance

BLUELINE is a dynamically reconfigurable processing system with a modular design.

Let our practical CONVEY and SUPPORT modules convince you and discover the possibilities of BLUECTRL.


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