Ferrous and non-ferrous eddy current separator with centric pole wheel and integrated magnetic drum separator.

Weak field magnetic drum separator
  • Magnet system with 160 mT on the drum surface
  • For strongly magnetic particles (e.g. Fe)
  • Working width 1500 mm
Vibrating feeder with unbalanced drive

Optimal homogenisation and dosing
of the feed material thanks to use of a barrier strip

Acceleration belt with corrugated edge
  • High throughputs thanks to belt speeds of up to 3 m/s
  • Automated belt tension and adjustment
Quick-coupling system

Tool-free installation of the external belt conveyors
thanks to folding arms with snap locking

Corrugated edge belt with cleats

Secure bulk material transport at
35° belt inclination

Automated splitting edge

Reproducible positioning of the splitter possible at the push of a button at any time

Centric magnet system
  • Eddy current separator with centric pole wheel for
    sorting in the particle size range of 5 - 300 mm
  • Working width 1,500 mm
  • Strong magnet system – Up to 360 mT on the belt surface

Total mass

10,200 kg


6,050 x 2,450 x 2,700 mm

Grain size

up to 300 mm

Connected load

3N~400 V / 63 A / 50 Hz

*without conveying technology and attachments

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EDDY CENTRIC - The all-in-one solution for metal separation, combines a ferrous and non-ferrous metal separator and offers an efficient and compact way to separate metals from a waste stream at the highest throughput rates.

A combination of a robust and powerful magnetic drum separator for the separation of ferrous metals (nails, screws, etc.) and a centric eddy current separator for the separation of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) enables the production of three saleable fractions in a single processing step.


  • Magnetic drum separater for ferrous metals
  • Centric eddy current separator for separating non-ferrous metals
  • Automated belt tension and adjustment
  • Robust and compact solution
  • Low maintenance

BLUELINE is a dynamically reconfigurable processing system with a modular design.

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