RDF Recycling

The conservation of resources and the reduction of waste is becoming increasingly important, and the recycling of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is proving to be a key component on the way to a sustainable future. Alternative Fuels (AF), Secondary Fuels (SF) or refuse-derived fuel (RDF) are obtained from industrial, commercial and bulky waste as well as the remains of sorting plants. But how can we use these materials sensibly and in an environmentally friendly way? BLUELINE has the answer.

Using innovative processes, substitute fuels can be recycled in a quality-assured manner. Recyclable materials should be sorted out before incineration, according to the principle of “use as material again before energetically”. The remaining residue (separated from recyclable materials) is then thermally processed as a final step. This allows the energy content of this waste to be optimally used, which means we not only conserve resources such as coal and gas, but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With our feeding station with integrated magnetic drum FEED VIBRO, for example, the ferrous content can already be removed in the first step, achieving optimal dosing for the subsequent process. Eddy current separators such as the EDDY ACTIVE or sensor based sorters like SENSOR SPECTRO+ enable further separation of metals and other valuable materials in the subsequent process. Thanks to BLUELINE's adaptability and flexibility, you can achieve the best results, even with changing tasks or changing qualities of your material.

Are you still not convinced? Rent BLUELINE and try it yourself!

Advantages with BLUELINE

Simple and mobile solution
Quality improvement of the end product
Separation of impurities such as metals, glass, wood, stones, ...
Easy adjustment to the current market situation

Application examples for rdf recycling


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