non-ferrous metals

Recycling of non-ferrous metals

Nowadays, non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, zinc, etc., can be found in almost every waste stream. Regardless of whether it is the recycling of various scraps, remains of house demolitions, furnishings, machines and devices, or products of everyday life - non-ferrous metals are omnipresent. In fact, they are among the most valuable secondary raw materials.

The global demand for non-ferrous metals (NF-metals) has experienced a remarkable increase in the last few decades. An encouraging trend accompanies this increased demand: around 40% of the non-ferrous metals extracted worldwide, already come from recycled material streams. Because significantly less energy is required compared to new production from ores, this leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and a lower environmental impact. In addition, increased recycling of non-ferrous metals also offers economic advantages. It reduces dependence on expensive mining and raw material imports. This, in turn, can help reduce production costs and increase the profitability of companies.

It is crucial not only to recognize these non-ferrous metals, but also to recycle them in high qualities, ecologically sensible and in an economical way. This is where our wide range of different processing machines such as hopper systems, screens, eddy current separators, sensor sorters, and various density sorters, come into play. BLUELINE is versatile, powerful and suitable for all grain sizes. It offers the perfect solution to transform waste streams into raw materials.

Rent our machines and convince for yourself!

Examples of processing non-ferrous metals:

  • Zorba / (Zurik) / Zebra
  • Brass scrap
  • Plug contacts
  • NF-metals of shredder scrap
  • Copper scrap
  • Various granules
  • Slags (IBA, Ashes,...)

Advantages with BLUELINE

Highest purities > 99% possible
Shortest ROI times
Proven and new innovative technologies/solutions
Processing according to all physical properties (size, color, density, ...)
Everything from a single source and perfectly coordinated to each other
The same machines are suitable for a wide variety of material flows (module principle)

Application examples for processing non-ferrous metals


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