Shredder Scrap Recycling

Shredder scrap fractions are mostly metal-containing material flows that are created after waste from industry, commerce and households has been shredded. These material flows consist of a wide range of materials, regardless of whether pre-sorting (for iron, non-ferrous metals, waste or dust) has already taken place or not, with BLUELINE there is a solution to meet all materials and requirements.

BLUELINE offers technologies that enable efficient and, above all, economical sorting and processing of quality iron and steel scrap. Our rugged modules work precisely and reliably, this helps increasing purity levels of scraps that they can be smelted again.

Processing shredder scrap with BLUELINE helps to operate your shredding system economically, reduce waste, obtain valuable raw materials and protect our environment.

BLUELINE's hopper feeders, magnetic separators, sensor sorters and density sorters offer optimal results in the recycling of shredder fractions, whether in a complete processing line or as secondary sorting.

Rent BLUELINE and convince yourself!

Examples of shredder scrap recycling:

  • Shredder scrap / waste
  • Automotive Shredder Residues (ASR)
  • Shredder light
  • Shredder heavy
  • Light iron
  • and much more.

Advantages with BLUELINE

Rugged construction - suitable for the most difficult conditions
Processing in all common grain sizes
Highest purities due to long established technologies
Universally usable for all shredder material flows (same modules for different material flows)
Shortest set-up times due to saved machine settings and fully automatic adjustment of the mechanical parameters.

Application examples for shredder scrap recycling

Suitable BLUELINE modules for this application:


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