Processing of floor scrap or rubbish from scrap metal shear – but how?

The SCREEN HEAVY module gives you a quick and easy solution.

Floor scrap or rubbish from scrap metal shear accumulates in all recycling companies. The grain spectrum of this mixture ranges from dust to large, bulky parts and is made up of both non-valuable materials (earth, stones, wood, plastic, ...) and valuable metals (Steel, Aluminium, Copper, ...). The recovery of valuable substances and an increasing tightening of landfill regulations make the processing of this fraction economically interesting on the one hand, but also legally necessary.

A first and often sufficient step to achieve a salable and a dumpable fraction is the separation of the fines, which are mainly composed of non-valuable material.

Processing of floor scrap with SCREEN HEAVY

The SCREEN HEAVY module gives you a quick and easy way to process your floor scrap or rubbish from scrap metal shear:

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