Anlieferung eines BLUELINE-Moduls nach Thüringen.

2 million euro contract for recycling research

The Thuringian Innovation Center for Recyclables is investing in six BLUELINE modules for research into new environmental and recycling technology.

In countries like Germany with less raw materials, recycling is becoming increasingly important. Just 15% of industrial raw material demand are covered by secondary raw materials. In the new innovation center for recyclable materials at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, the aim is to uncover unused potential and make it usable for companies.

Different separation processes in one BLUELINE plant

For research work a recycling plant was required, with various separation processes and for different input materials. BLUELINE was the perfect choice for this application.

The order of 2 million euro included six processing modules: FEED HOPPER (hopper feeder), SCREEN DOUBLE (Two-deck linear vibrating screen), MAGNET DRUM (2 stage magnetic drum separator), SENSOR SPECTRO+ (sensor based sorter), SUPPORT EXTRACT+ (Aspiration), EDDY ACTIVE (eddy current separator)The system was completed by SUPPORT WIND for the extraction of impurities and the SUPPORT MOVER for easy maneuvering and positioning of the modules. The MOVER was a really big help when unloading and setting up of the plant.

Thanks to the modular container-based construction the individual subsystems can be easily assembled into an individual procedure that adapts to the respective treatment processes - tests are currently being carried out with electronic scrap and plaster. The Control is wireless via tablet. Various parameters can be tried and automatically transferred to the machines without setup work.

In Nordhausen, people are particularly proud of the "magic machines", which is unique in Germany: "With the innovative "BLUELINE" processing system, we are able to carry out high-quality recycling research for companies in Thuringia. Many partners are interested in researching the facility with us.”

Prof. Ariane Ruff, Head of the Thuringian Innovation Center for Recyclables

"This project has shown us once again that we can use BLUELINE to serve fields of application where stationary systems can hardly or difficulty keep up. We are particularly pleased that the students at the university now have the opportunity to put the knowledge they have learned into practice. Through our own training, we know that this offer is not to be taken for granted.”

Lukas Seisenbacher, Head of Sales & Marketing LINETECHNOLOGY

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